Maker Story: Avarcas USA

If you’re in the know, then you know that Avarcas are some of the most popular shoes around-- and for good reason! They’re stylish (some of our favorite bloggers are wearing them), they’re comfy (have you tried a pair? You’ll never want to take them off) and they stand the test of time (it’s true). We actually loved them so much that we decided to start offering them for kids in our shop.


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Jean & June Giveaway and Q&A

We’re all about organic products here at Bitte, and brands get bonus points in our book if they’re made here in the U.S.A. Jean & June is a brand that falls under both of those categories. Plus, they’re sweet, cheeky, minimalist and comfy.

We’re hosting a giveaway with @jeanandjune over on Instagram, but before you head that way, read our interview with their founder, Blake Alfstad.

Jean and June Giveaway

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Baby Number 2!

Surprise! I'm pregnant! I was going to do something cute to make the announcement, like have a picture of Ingrid wearing a “big sister” tee or something. But unfortunately, I’m so sick I can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom most days. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, like I did when I was pregnant with Ingrid. I like to call it the princess Kate disease, since nobody (other than those unfortunate enough to have the disease) had really heard much about it until Kate Middleton had it for all of her pregnancies. It’s also sometimes called extreme morning sickness. And it’s grossly extreme...

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