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National Peach Cobbler Day Round-Up

We LOVE Peaches. Our Founder has a peach tree in her backyard and is always inventing delicious recipes to share with friends, family, and the online world. Well, it’s National Peach Cobbler Day so we’re sharing a few recipes of hers, as well as a few we found online. OK-- they aren’t ALL Cobbler recipes, but real talk...peaches are delicious no matter how you cook them. Happy baking!

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Tastemaker Talks: Alicia Lund

alicia lund cheetah is the new black bitte
Alicia, of Cheetah is the New Black, is our spirit animal. We’re lucky to call her our friend IRL, but even if you don’t know her in person, her Instagram and blog give you a pretty good idea of who she truly is. She’s got impeccable but effortless style, she’s an awesome mom to one (another on the way), she loves to travel and entertain, and she's always down to collaborate on fun ideas, as evidenced here and here. She’s just got that California boho mom vibe down pat! Which is why we were thrilled to be able to ask her a few questions and learn even more about her and her sweet little family. Read through her full interview below, and --if you’re expecting-- she’s sharing her top five baby essentials! Also don’t miss her favorites collection, where she picked her current must-haves from Bitte.

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