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Tastemaker Talks: Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange

If you’ve found yourself reading this, then we’re going to assume that like us, you appreciate a good eye for design and motherhood. And if those two come together in one package, ever better! Enter The Fresh Exchange, a blog, graphic design studio and shop owned by Megan Gilger and...

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Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Dairy Free Ranch Dip

Oven baked sweet potato chips with dairy free ranch dipAnyone else always game for a new and healthy make at home snack? If so, this post for oven baked sweet potato chips with dairy free ranch dip is made for YOU!

I will be the first to admit that I have something of an addiction to chips. Yep. They are definitely what I would consider to be my "snack vice”...

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Tastemaker Talks: Amanda Jane Jones

Tastemaker Talks - Amanda Jane Jones

You’d recognize Amanda Jane Jones’s work on any newsstand. As the founding designer and co-creator of Kinfolk, Amanda had a heavy hand in spearheading the minimalist movement – her mastery of mature type and photography created a refined look synonymous with today. Her work is classic and thoughtful, so it’s no surprise Amanda is too...

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