Maggie's Treasure
Maggie's Treasure Maggie's Treasure
$ 19.00

Maggie finds treasure wherever she goes. Whether it’s a button, a feather or a shiny stone, she picks it up and takes it home. At first the neighbors and city workers are grateful to Maggie for cleaning up; the mayor even gives her an award. But over time Maggie’s collection grows bigger and bigger, until it spills out of her house and garden in an unsightly mess. Her parents tell her “Enough treasure!” and eventually even Maggie realizes that something must be done. Finally, inspired by a bird outside her window, she finds a way to share her treasure that enchants and transforms the entire neighborhood.

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  • Ages: 3 to 7 years
  • Materials: Hardcover
  • Imprint: Groundwood Books
  • Author: Jon-Erik Lappano
  • Illustrator: Kellen Hatanaka
  • Dimensions: 32 pages; 8.4in x 11in
  • Origin: Printed in China
  • ISBN: 978-1-7730-6237-2

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