The 50 States Matching Game

Grow your state smarts by matching famous faces, landmarks, and geographical features. Printed on heavy laminated card-stock for display and play, these cards feature the state and flag of a state on one side and a list of factoids and trivia questions on the other. This fun and interactive way of teaching children about the 50 United States will inspire and entertain with its beautifully-designed presentation of the many different faces of the American states. The perfect gift for young (and old!) travelers, and learning history, politics and geography of this great nation. Play, learn, and enjoy!

A great companion to 50 Cities of the USA and Map of the USA Puzzle.

  • Ages: 5 to 10yrs
  • Materials: heavy laminated cardstock
  • Author: Gabrielle Balkan
  • Illustrator: Sol Linero
  • Dimensions: 51 card pairs; package is 7in x 9in x 1in
  • Origin: Printed in China

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