Gracie Cat in Elf Jacket
Gracie Cat in Elf Jacket Gracie Cat in Elf Jacket
$ 68.00

Gracie Cat's favorite activity is fishing! She has loved it ever since she was a kitten. She says on a good afternoon, she can catch a dozen minnows. When she has enough she takes her fish to Owen Fox’s house, and they have a fish fry. 

Gracie is made of organic cotton fleece with a super soft brushed flannel texture. She comes dressed in a removable red elfin jacket and linen overalls in river green. Like all her Hazel Village friends she’s handmade with hand-stitched features and lots of love.

She's the same size as all the other Hazel Village dolls and animals, so she can share clothes with them! See all the Hazel Village extra Doll Clothing.

  • Ages: 6mo+
  • Materials: Organic cotton fleece fur, polyfill, linen & organic cotton clothing
  • Designer: Jane Van Cleef
  • Care: Hand wash, air dry
  • Dimensions: approx. 14in tall
  • Origin: India
  • Safety: Conforms to CPSIA

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